Saturday 18th March 2006

It was really cold at the park yesterday, so despite my barking at the goats to try to keep warm and then shouting a few greetings to the deer from their cousins in the forest my mistress thought it would be a good idea to go into the restaurant to have coffee. I thought it would be really boring but its amazing how much fun small boys and puppy’s can have in all situations! Anyway, me going into a restaurant! I have never done that before, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. It was really hard to know which order I was supposed to lick the cutlery. Do you start with the ones that are easiest to get to or should you lick the ones on the neighbouring table first? Is it good practice when lying on the floor to nip the ankles of passing customers or should you only bite the waiter? I was struggling with all these thoughts when the waiter brought me my own very biscuit to keep me quiet, but it was much more fun to try and pinch the ones that were for James and the rest of the group we were with. James got chocolate all round his mouth and the mistress didn’t seem very pleased when I offered to lick it off. I had got mud on my nose so James was laughing at me too, he did refuse to lick that off for me so I had to do it myself. It was brilliant fun but I could see my mistress looked a little strained by our antics.

The mistress made toffee with James and me this week. When I say with us, it was more that we started it off for her and then left her to it. The truth was that when it got to the point where it needed to gently boil for 30 minutes we got bored and went to play instead and of course there was no way we wanted to be left with the washing up. Anyway, the mistress must have done something wrong because it didn’t turn out quite right. It was more like a cross between fudge and butterscotch than toffee. Fortunately she was happy to eat it so we didn’t feel too bad about making her do all the work.

My mistress has bought a pedometer to see how far she walks each day. She seems to think most of it goes in to looking after me. I want her to see if it will fit onto my collar so I can see how far I have to go chasing round after her, the number of times I have to run round her before she will start to play with me is ridiculous.