Thursday 16th March 2006

I haven’t heard back from hedgehog yet, I don’t know if that means he doesn’t want to see me or whether the magpies didn’t take my letter. I have been wanting to talk to squirrel about it and about what we need to do to plan my den but it has been so cold the last few days that I am guessing she will have gone back to sleep for a while. My mistress says she would really like to hibernate too.

I have been looking at my family tree. It all gets a bit confusing, to begin with it seems I am not called Alfie at all. My real name is Einstein, it’s a shame I am not as clever as the real Einstein! My last name isn’t really Dog either it is something quite long and difficult for me to pronounce correctly. Mind you if I think that one is difficult to say, it is nothing compared with some of my ancestors. All that is not as bad as finding that the same 22 dogs seem to be 64 of my ancestors in the last 6 generations. One dog seems to be my great great great grandfather 3 times and my great great great great great grandfather 3 times. I am quite shocked. I was wondering if any of them were famous and how many of them are still alive. Perhaps I could go on an expedition to visit them all or at least see where they all lived.

It was puppy training again last night. Now I like to think I am not a badly behaved dog, but then I like to think I am handsome, sophisticated and intelligent as well! I just didn’t want to do any of it last night. It isn’t that I can’t, I will sit and come when called at home and you know how much I love playing fetch but last night I just didn’t want to. I was probably showing off a bit because James had come to watch and I was also testing out some of my new found strength. I felt a bit mean by the end of the night as my poor mistress was really quite upset about it, she tries so hard the poor dear. I suppose looking after both me and James for the week has been quite hard work, so perhaps I should have put in a little bit of effort. One good thing that came out of it was that she has given up on the idea of training me using affection and praise. She has finally realised that bribery is much more effective, yet again – I win!!!! I suppose on the downside I am now threatened with spending more of the rest of me week doing training so that I can advance past the starter class but at least it will mean lots of treats along the way, can’t be all bad.