Monday 23rd January 2006

Well I’m finally here, with a little help from my owner as I am only 10 weeks old and still struggling to get my paws round the keyboard. Welcome to my diary. Although quite what you are doing reading my private thoughts I have no idea, but seeing as you are here – Welcome!

I find it so much easier to put my thoughts down on paper. Other dogs rarely stand still long enough to have a really good deep conversation and as for humans, well the main problem is that they don’t take you seriously when you start talking. Take this morning, there we were at the Belgian vehicle testing station and did anyone talk to me? No. Mind you they barely said anything to my owner either. There she was all ready to try out her newly learnt Dutch and as soon as the bloke told her she was in the wrong lane she just went to pieces and spluttered in English. Poor dear. Mind you if you heard her attempts at pronunciation you would think it as well. She really hasn’t got the hang of life in Belgium, not that I have, but I can at least claim to be Belgian by birth. After the car’s road test she went to a hairdressers to buy some shampoo. You would think she would have worked out from it being completely dark inside that it was closed, but no, she had to walk forcefully into the door for good measure.

That was the extent of my excitement for the morning, after all that I needed to come home for a nap. I do find it annoying when I want to play and she wants to work, I have however found the perfect solution. As a moving in present she bought me a ‘Miffy’ toy. She’s always been quite fond of Miffy or Nintje as we call her here. So, if she won’t play I get Miffy in my mouth and threaten to shake her unless I get some attention. Something along the lines of blackmail, as if someone as cute as me could be guilty of blackmail “Either you play ball, or Miffy gets it!” It’s worked every time so far. I wonder how long it will take for my owner to realise how shallow I am?

Well short and sweet. I’m off to play ball again now so have a good evening and I’ll write more tomorrow. Now where did I put my Miffy toy…

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind