Wednesday 24th February 2016 – Full of Surprises

Life can be full of surprises. My joint care bars seem to have kicked in so to our Mistress’ s surprise after over a week of refusals I was up for a nice walk. It helped that she is trying some of what the behaviourist suggested, which means more treats along the way. It’s a philosophy I’m all in favour of. On top of that, it turns out that I am not producing enough Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH),which could be responsible for a number of my current problems. I have some medication and have to have another blood test in a few weeks to see if we have the levels right. We’re all hoping that this is going to help me in lots of ways.

Aristotle and Alfie
Aristotle and Alfie

This is the biggest surprise though, probably to me as well as all of you. Now I don’t know whether it is because our Mistress is trying some of what the behaviourist said with Ari as well, but when we were in the kitchen yesterday we called a truce and I trusted him enough to lie down right next to him. Our Mistress says she cannot remember the last time he and I did that… if ever. It was quite nice. I’m hoping we can do it again sometime.

Less of a surprise was when Wilma came back from her Monday night puppy class and said she had been promoted to the next class. She is older than many of the others in the class, but she’s only been going to that class for three weeks so she was still chuffed about being told she was ready to move up. Now she just needs to pass her Tuesday night course and move on to the next level of training. She saw a picture of her dad on Facebook with lots of awards that he won recently and now she says she wants to be like him. I think she might need to trade our Mistress in for a better trainer to work with first, but it’s a nice idea.

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