Thursday update and Adrienne

It’s hard listening to puppies cry and not be the one they want to do something about it. Annette likes snuggling up to her mum, but at times Shadow wants her own space so goes somewhere else. Annette was quiet as long as she could be near her mum but wouldn’t stop whimpering when she couldn’t be. She fell asleep eventually, but she really is a dog that needs to be cuddled. It was so cold and draughty compared with how it has been that my Mistress resorted to putting the heating on too, so that the puppies wouldn’t get cold. They still aren’t at the point where their body temperature has stabilised and can adjust to changes in outside temperature. Another week or so will make a big difference to them. What is funny is that having been told by the vet that we are ok to start giving them a little of mushed up puppy food, they have decided they don’t want any today. Maybe it was just the novelty factor yesterday, or maybe there is more milk today so they are doing ok. One problem is that whilst they may not have eaten it today, they did all walk in it. This picture is them trying the mush for the first time.

Adrienne is the most perfectly marked of the girls. She is quiet and very affectionate. She is doing well with her weight too and has reached 1110g today, only 70g behind her biggest brothers. We are hoping she will go to a home that will want to breed from her. It would be a shame if she didn’t.

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