Wednesday 5th October – Morning Ablutions

Shadow is exhausted. My Mistress is exhausted. We have reached the conclusion that Shadow has only really got just enough milk for the puppies and that they are feeding at more frequent intervals than you would expect at this stage because of it. Shadow doesn’t move when they start crying. She waves a paw and calls ‘Will someone else get that?’ My Mistress has to get up and prod Shadow into action, which means both of them are still having very sleepless nights. My Mistress is looking forward to moving them onto solids so that the problem diminishes. I just hope the transition is a smooth one. It will start next Monday. We have been changing the newspaper and washing the vet-bed for the puppies twice a day. Until now that has easily contained the situation. Yesterday evening there was a lot of peeing. If that is a sign of things to come we need to change the bedding more often. It’s like having a baby and washing nappies. The alternative is disposable puppy pads but they end up in landfill and cost more. Which is better, the electricity to wash the vet-bed or puppy pads? Oh the dilemmas of parenthood. What Shadow is very good at is keeping the puppies clean. She is happy to wash each of them several times before she is satisfied they are clean. Today’s video shows morning ablutions. You can see it here.


  1. Couldn’t see today’s video Alfie, got a ‘The URL contained a malformed video ID’ message.
    So I’ll try later.

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