Sunday 2nd October 2011 – Mountaineering puppies

My Master has a habit of not really listening to my Mistress. Most of the time he gets away with it but every so often it goes a little bit wrong. Shadow and the puppies are creating quite a lot of waste newspaper, which it would be rather unpleasant to put in the recycling bag. Instead it is going in black bin liners and being taken direct to the tip. In the hall were the pile of things waiting to go to the tip, each in separate piles making it easy to put them in the right recycling area. My Master was dispatched to take them all and was carefully instructed that the large pile of books was not to be

taken as they were for the charity shop, however the small pile of books was for the book bank at the tip. Later on, when my Mistress went through the hall, she asked him where the pile for the charity shop were. It may not entirely surprise you to find that they had gone to the tip. It’s a good job my new sack of dog food was standing on the other side of the hall, otherwise I might not have found the episode quite so funny!

As I write this the puppies are busy eating. I’ll do a video later as you saw them eating yesterday and it can all get a bit the same, just bigger. I think Avril may need a bit of help for a day or two. Unlike Aristotle she hasn’t learnt how to wriggle underneath everyone to find a spare teat, There are quite a few eyes open now and even some pairs of eyes. I don’t know if they can hear me yet, but they can certainly see me. I hope they think I look ok and are looking forward to playing with their Uncle Alfie.

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