Friday 30th – Weigh in and video

Only a dog could rest one of her puppy’s bottoms on another ones face to keep it in position while she cleans it. Yet, that is exactly what I caught Shadow doing this morning. Oh the stories I shall tell them when they are old enough to understand.


In the last 24hours the puppies seem to have spent at least 23 of them eating or at least demanding food. Surprisingly, they haven’t put on as much weight as the day before. Amigo has put on 64g and is now 882g, which means he has overtaken Adrienne. Annette put on 60g and is now 856g, leaving Alan behind. Arnold has put on 44g and is now 922g, still the heaviest and now his little eyes have opened too. Avril as added 34g and is now 722g. Hopefully she will pass 750g tomorrow. Adrienne and Aristotle both put on 28g taking them to 872g and 656g. Alan made the least progress, putting on only 18g and taking him to 822g.


As you can see from the video, they really are getting quite big.


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