Wednesday 28th September 2011 – Day 10 video

What am I going to talk about when the kids leave home? Oh I can see you sagely nodding and comparing this to when your children left, but at least you had them long enough for the novelty to wear off and for them to start annoying you. I could watch the puppies grow and develop all day, every day. Their coats are beautifully glossy and when they yawn and roll off from eating as they fall asleep, they are simply the cutest things ever. Shadow says she is feeling a little less enthusiastic as it is her that is getting sore from being sucked at and having little paws pummelling. The paws wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have tiny claws attached to them. I must say when I looked a little closer I felt quite sympathetic.

Last night Shadow decided to have a longer break from being in with them all. You should have heard the hungry squawking when they all woke up this morning and breakfast wasn’t ready and wasn’t ready and waiting for them. Mind you, to be fair I can raise quite loud objections when I’m not fed on time.


I have been aiming to achieve 1000 Facebook friends for ages and now that I have it really doesn’t seem important compared to the puppies. I’m also wondering whether it might be time to move to Google+. Maybe I should open accounts for each of the puppies and ask my Mistress to include them in the new owners’ packs.

You can see today’s video here.


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