18.00 Wednesday – Aristotle an update

Forget survival of the fittest, with Aristotle it’s going to be survival of the brightest and most loved. My Mistress is doing everything she can to help him, but to be fair to Aristotle he is working out ways to solve his own problems. When you have six bigger brothers and sisters who are eating and you are hungry, what do you do? Do you fight them to get to the food or do you crawl right under them all to get to the teats that aren’t being fought over almost underneath your mum? You can always move to the easier to access teats when one of the others rolls off, fast asleep.

This time last week, Aristotle weighed just 346g. Today he weighs 568g having added more than 10% to his body weight in the last day alone. You can really see the difference if I show you the photo from last week again

Little Aristotle day 3






and then the photo of how he looks now.

Aristotle Day 10

If he keeps going at this rate then I’m sure my Mistress is going to tell me I can’t keep him and I had set my heart on having another boy about the place.