12.45 Tuesday

Everyone has gained weight, although Aristotle has only added 4g to his already tiny body. I’m thinking of starting the Aristotle fan club especially for his own progress. I suppose if I called it ‘Einstein’s fan page for Aristotle’, Einstein being my proper name, I might get all sorts of clever people dropping in by mistake. I definitely want to keep him. Alan and Adrienne must have done nothing but eat and have both gained 28g. Adrienne is not going to be a small girl! I’m posting a short video of how they are today so you can see for yourselves. I’ve started a fun new game of count the puppies. There are so many tails and legs everywhere that I rarely get the same number twice.

See the video here


  1. Oh, bless-felt very excited that I could spot Aristotle! Can’t believe the change in a day- all the best little puppies and Shadow!

  2. They already look bigger 🙂

    Shadow is such a good mummy – cleaning them all and making sure they get fed! Have you and Megan been allowed near the puppies yet Alfie, or is Shadow keeping you away for now?

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