17.15 an update on the day

What a day. Firstly my apologies for my internet site going down. I don’t think we had quite realised how many of you would be watching so avidly. As I told you, the pushing began at 10.45am and first out was the largest, Arnold, who was a breach birth and weighed in at 418g, He was named after the wonderful vet in Switzerland who helped us so much when Shadow was stuck there. Shadow might have taken a long time to get to this point, but once she started there was no stopping her. She was brilliant and did absolutely everything herself. She wanted her human  there to stroke her and give her support but the work itself she was more than happy to do and knew exactly what was required.

Second out was Annette, at 11.50, weighing in at 360g. She is named in honour of the lovely lady who had Shadow’s litter. Half an hour later little Avril came into the world, named after our dear friend who assisted my Mistress in the labour. Avril the puppy weighed 336g when she was born. At 12.45, rounding up the first round of proceedings came Adrienne, weighing 386g, named after one of my Mistress’s best friends. Avril has a little fleck of white on her neck, so she is easy to spot.

Shadow had a brief break for lunch, although she only wanted some water. Then out came the runt of the litter, little Aristotle weighed only 292g and promptly had hiccoughs He is so cute that I want to keep him.  Half an hour later Amigo arrived weighing 370g and evening up the numbers. We thought that was a good number and everything was looking good. An hour and a quarter later little Aisha arrived, weighing 322g and named after her mother. Shadow’s real name is Aisha Princess of Beauty. Then twenty minutes later, named after my Mistress’s father, Alan arrived weighing 336g.

So rather strangely there are now 25 of our breed in this country and 11 of them, for the time being, live here!

The last one was born at 3.38pm and they are all off to the vet for a check up in another hour.

I’ll post a short video each day so you can see how they are progressing.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00583ZGSA


  1. A big well done to all newborn at Torfheide in the UK !
    Great news for the breed and very well done to Shadow & Rosemary.
    Of course well done to Alfie for his great verbal support.
    Best wishes from Belgium.

  2. WELL DONE Shadow! And well done all her support team 🙂 ( I was so entranced by the whole thing if the site hadn’t gone down I wouldn’t have got anything done today 🙂 ) Look forward to seeing a video of them all !

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