20.15 Sunday

Shadow has been having the first stage of contractions for some time now. She pants her way through them and then relaxes for a little while. She has turned round in more circles than seems good for any creature and it’s quite enough to make me giddy. What was funny was the fact that she has been off her own food all day. Even Treats haven’t tempted her. My Mistress had a break from sitting with while she cooked tea and my Master sat with her. When my Mistress returned with her own plate of food, Shadow finally decided that she was hungry as long as she could have what was supposed to be for my Mistress. By now, you all know she’s a big softy where we are concerned so she duly shared everything with Shadow. Shadow then decided to eat the whole bowl of her own food too and then went out to stretch her legs. Both she and my Mistress are now back to panting. Shadow because she is in labour and my Mistress because she is findind the delivery room too hot!