Saturday 17th September 2011 7.20am – and still we wait

At this rate, I am going to give birth to puppies before Shadow is. She certainly slept better than my Mistress did! If nothing is happening in another couple of hours then my Mistress is going to ring the vet to make sure all is ok. It is still 5 days early but her temperature is at the level where everything should have begun and she is absolutely huge.

What I didn’t get round to telling you yesterday is that I am delighted to report that my Mistress is not going to need an operation on her hand. She is still in a plaster cast and will be for at least two weeks, but at least with this cast she has a little more use of her fingers than she did before, so it is a little less miserable. When they asked what colour cast she would like she did wonder about asking if they could do a blood red one so it wouldn’t show the marks when the little ones arrived, but settled for dark blue as being least likely to show the dirt.

I’ll update you on the pups through the day.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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