Wednesday 7th September 2011 – Megan goes for gold!

It was very exciting to see a photo of one of my Mistress’s friends that she had posted on facebook wearing one of my sweatshirts. I don’t usually see the happy customers of our merchandise page, but it looked great. To be honest with the weather as it is there is probably nothing better that you can do but buy a nice warm hoody with one of my slogans on it. The one the lady was wearing was a lovely blue one which said ‘Isn’t everyone wearing dog hair this season?’ As observations go I think that was one of my better ones.

Megan is sitting her gold award test tonight. She hasn’t gone in the hope of passing and my Mistress  doesn’t really think she will either. She is very good at almost all the exercises but there are two that just don’t go right any time that they do them. One is the ‘send to bed’. Megan does it at home every night of her life. All my Mistress has to say is ‘bed’ and off she trots. However when it comes to dog training for reasons that Megan is unable to explain, she hears the word ‘bed’ and immediately thinks ‘play’ and gets all excited. Now I can understand any dog getting excited about the prospect of snuggling down into the corner of a comfy bed, but I would have thought it made sense to get into it before showing your excitement. The other one that is a problem is the ‘down’ from a distance. Megan can do it. She does it when she goes out, but when it comes to dog training she has to be heading towards my Mistress when she does it, so it is always preceded by the word ‘come’. In that situation she feels the need to complete the first command before starting on the second so runs all the way up to my Mistress before lying down. It is all very complicated.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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