Monday 29th August 2011 – 21 again – I don’t think so!

I don’t think I’m supposed to mention it, but my Mistress is another year older today. I think she might have got passed the counting birthdays stage and now be at the ’21 again!’ stage. She asked everyone for amazon vouchers and was intending to use it to buy books through the course of the year. However, as these things go she has had a better idea and is now putting it all towards buying an industrial strength sorbet maker that you don’t have to keep in the freezer for 24 hours before using it. I think there will be two main results of this. Firstly she is going to come up with ever weirder recipes and secondly she is going to get very fat. I did beg beautifully to have some of the rum and raisin after trying one of the rum soaked raisins that fell on the floor. Strangely she said ‘no’ which was quite a disappointment.

Our new website for dog breeding has now gone live. You can find it at There is still more work to do, but then it’s like anything, there are always ways you can improve the work you do. There is some discussion over the colour scheme. It is no coincidence that purple is my Mistress’s favourite colour. If you like purple you will love it. If you aren’t so keen on purple you are likely to suggest changing it to something a little less…what word am I looking for? Vibrant!

I was looking around my Mistress’s desk as I do when I’m borrowing her computer and was most upset to find reminder cards for not just my worming, which is bad enough in anyone’s book, but my kennel cough. Really! Do you think I’m going to cooperate with going to the vets to have a horrible thing shoved up my nose and squirted? I just need to see her diary to find when it is booked for and then hide.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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