Thursday 28th July 2011 – Missing Shadow

This is why I set up the Pet Dog’s Democratic Party, to campaign for a fairer life for dogs. I am furious. My Mistress has been trying every way she can think of to get Shadow home soon. We are waiting for the result of the microchip going to the laboratory, but then a lovely man in Switzerland had a very good idea and suggested that we could use DNA evidence to prove she was the same dog. When Shadow went to Switzerland in April she was part of a study being done by the University of Zurich and they took blood so that they could profile her DNA. They also read her chip, so they have an official record that she is the same dog. If they took another sample now they could compare the two and prove that she was still our Shadow. My Mistress has rung the people at DEFRA who manage the PETS travel scheme and there is no way they will accept DNA evidence for animals. They say it is because the European Union will not accept DNA. If it is good enough for identifying humans why isn’t it good enough for them to recognise dogs. I am incensed. My little Shadow is stuck in Switzerland and it would be so easy for them to say it was ok to use DNA. There is no possibility of it being fraudulently used. It is not just a way to smuggle an unknown dog into the country, but no, they have rules and no one seems to care that our little Shadow wants to come home to have her puppies in the comfort of her own home with her own family around her.

If her chip cannot be read it will be time to start talking to all the local and national newspapers to start a campaign to bring our Shadow home. There are so many things with the whole situation that are complicated it is a nightmare situation. Above anything I miss her. She belongs here with the rest of us. She hasn’t done anything wrong. We love you little Shadow, please come home soon.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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