Monday 20th June 2011 – who ate all the sweets?

Today is the last day that we were expecting Shadow’s season to start and there is still no sign of it. There is only so long you can put life on standby waiting for something to happen. It’s going to be one of those watched kettle things. You wait and you wait and as soon as you go and do something else it comes to the boil and the kitchen is filled with steam before you it manages to turn itself off. Obviously with Shadow it will be without the steam. At this rate it will be Megan’s next season before we know it and it will counting the days down for her. This puppy business is all very complicated. It is actually making me glad I can’t get involved in the process. Imagine being promised that you will be able to oblige as a male dog only to have this interminable wait! It’s enough to drive you crazy.

A couple of weeks ago, my Master asked my Mistress if she had done all the preparation she could do for her trip to Switzerland. “Yes,” she said. “No,” she said. “I could still get the sweets I want for the journey.” We drove the 20 miles to the sweet shop and bought lots and lots of boiled sweets. I know that sounds crazy, but because she can’t have dairy products there are a limited number of sweets she can buy. Anyway, the cupboard was full of sweets. There has been just one small problem with the plan. For the last couple of weeks, my Mistress has been eating them and now she doesn’t have enough left for the journey. She is going to have make another special trip to restock. I said this time we should confiscate the sweets until she is actually ready to leave. She said she would just buy even more than usual to cover all eventualities.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind