Wednesday 18th May 2011

Shadow is fed up. She has been on a diet for a couple of weeks now and when she got on the scales at the vet’s she found she hasn’t lost any weight at all. She has been nicknamed Miss Piggy by my Mistress and was hoping to shed the tag, but instead she says she’s going to start working out to see if that makes any difference. It’s not that she is exactly fat, but she is certainly solid and I prefer her not to ask me ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ when she’s getting ready to go out.

The first of the roses is now in bloom. To be fair several of my Mistress’s have started to come out but not really progressed, which has all been rather worrying. However, I think one is now out far enough to be declared open. Ironically my Master is away at the moment so I’m not sure if the judges have to wait for his return before they can declare the winner of the first point in the competition. It’s going to be a very long summer from now until the final points are awarded and we have a winner declared. Depending on the weather the winner will have to wait for up to six months to claim their trophy. Megan thinks the roses are pretty and would like to have some inside, but I said she mustn’t go and cut them herself as it might interfere with the scoring and she would be told off. She smiled sadly and said it probably wouldn’t be much worse than when she was caught about to dig up some of the marigolds. There are advantages of being like Shadow and just chasing butterflies round the garden, oblivious to everything else. On the other paw, I prefer to watch the antics from a safe distance with half and eye-lid raised.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind