Wednesday 4th May 2011

It’s all very well all this good weather but it ruins rhymes like the one about ‘April showers’. Now, I know strictly speaking it is already May, but I didn’t think about it last week. We haven’t had much rain for ages. On the downside it means it is still getting very cold at night and my Mistress can’t plant out all the little seedlings she has grown safely. I suppose I should stop peeing on the things she has planted but it’s always better to have a target and a little green plant is ideal. The girls don’t really understand such important issues but to us boys considerations of that nature are paramount. There is one particular spot I like. It’s a fuchsia. It’s unfortunate that it’s the next one along from the one that the girls dug up as that spot may be a little bare. I don’t fancy the chances of the bulbs that have been put in along there either. I think where a dog is concerned, the only sensible suggestion is to plant a very large number of plants in the hope that there is a limit to the number they can destroy and so by process of elimination some will survive to maturity. The only other solution is not to plant anything and accept that if you have three dogs they are going to ruin the back garden. You wouldn’t believe our grass was new last year! In places it just doesn’t exist.

My Mistress has started the process of transferring my blog. She is already fed up and she has only got as far as March 2006. I’ve offered to help but to be fair I did add the words ‘if I have to’ as a way of expressing my enthusiasm. I’m sure she will get it all done eventually.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind