Monday 1st November 2010

Well that is Halloween over for another year. Where we live is really very dark, which fortunately puts most people off wanting to face us. It’s ironic that on the night children go out to frighten people they are too scared to come up our road in the first place. I like to think it’s the darkness that does it and that they are in no way put off by the fact that a wild pack of dogs lives here! If you can get two of us on our own we aren’t so very wild, it’s just all three of us together that seems to have that effect.

My Mistress had a very odd moment yesterday. She was just amusing herself by looking at houses for sale round near where she used to live and to her great surprise found her old house was on the market. It’s five years since she moved and although they have decorated one or two rooms in that time, many of them are still exactly the same. She was mortified to find they had added a upvc conservatory taking up a large chunk of the beautiful garden. She never actually met the people that bought it from her, she was wondering if she could get away with going to do a viewing without them realising who she was. I think she is taking writing fiction too far when she starts thinking of assumed names she could go under. At least she now has a clear answer to the question whether house prices have gone up much in the five years since she moved and the answer would be no!

At the moment my Mistress is going through a phase of buying gadgets that will make life easier. She seems to be tackling all areas of life and has invested in everything from a rather good lemon squeezer to a petrol strimmer. I’m waiting for the treadmill to take the effort out of going for a walk. I can sit and look at an exercise machine for just as long as anyone!