Thursday 7th October 2010

My Mistress had a church meeting here the other day. The girls and I were put at the back of the house out of the way. We weren’t very good. I didn’t want to be left out so I started crying, which set the girls off. In the end my Mistress came and asked if I would like to join the meeting. She hadn’t thought I would find it very interesting, but after I’d cried that much to be included, I didn’t feel I could say ‘No I’m fine.’ So in I trotted and took my place at the end of the table. She was right. I didn’t find most of it very interesting and must admit to having slept for a good part of it. On the whole I didn’t have much idea what they were talking about and they didn’t stop to explain it all to me. Afterwards I apologised and said that next time I wouldn’t get into such a mood for being left out.

My Mistress is still taking her studies seriously. She is now reading her way thorough a music GCSE book as well as doing her keyboard practice. I’m still at the basic level of trying to work out which key I howl in, she keeps saying things to me like ‘Did you know there is only a semitone between ‘b’ and ‘c’.’ I have absolutely no idea what she is talking about. Her German studies are not quite so alien to me and remind me of my native Flemish. Not of course that I spoke a great deal of it, but I did learn some of the very basic commands at dog training. Megan understands a lot more, but then she lived in a German speaking household for about ten months. Even then she says the German she learnt in Switzerland was a little different to what my Mistress is learning.