Sunday 23rd May 2010

My Mistress is very excited about the new Shrek movie. Of course this is in part because she is a big kid and is looking forward to seeing it, having enjoyed all the first three. However, this one is special because two of her friends are listed in the credits of the film. It means she is going to have to sit in the cinema to watch all the credits come up at the end of the film until she sees their names appear. She even looked at whether she could go to the preview that is on at our cinema a month before the film is released in the UK but it turns out that she isn’t free at the times it’s on. She’s just going to have to wait until July.

Worryingly she bought a gardening magazine yesterday. She says it is about time she really got stuck into some gardening and she needs to know what she’s doing. I got even more worried when she tore out an advert for a company that provided follies for the garden including one that is a mock ruin. She thought one would look good over towards the corner. I reminded her of the summerhouse trauma and asked if they provided any for uneven ground, but she just shrugged and walked away so I’m guessing not. She has also started to get an urge to install a greenhouse. I’m guessing the gradient of the garden could be a bit of an issue for that as well, although she has at least found a small one that can be installed on a patio. I think she may need to convince the rest of us that it’s a good idea. The most useful article she found and she claims this wasn’t why she bought it, was one about the relationship between writers and their ‘garden rooms’. It talks about the many great writers who felt the need for a shed or summerhouse to call their own. She now seems to have left it strategically placed for my Master to read.