Saturday 10th April 2010

You wouldn’t believe how quickly jobs seem to be getting done. The most exciting thing is that the picture of me and my Mistress from my photo shoot is getting pride of place on the wall of the dining room. It is the one of me lying nose to nose with my Mistress. The other exciting thing is that we have got our first visitor. A friend of my Mistress’s has come to stay for the weekend and is trying out our guest room. I had to help getting it ready by following my Mistress as she kept taking things out. Shadow asked if she could sleep in the room with our guest as James is away this weekend, by my Mistress had to explain to her that that was not fair on the guest and only people that knew her really well could cope with her getting into bed with them in the middle of the night. The worst of it was that it meant Shadow stayed in with us and I do much prefer having my Mistress to myself.

We have had another reminder of Belgium. There seem to be lots more mosquitoes at this house than there were at the other one. It means that my Mistress now needs to remember exactly where she put the mosquito plugs in an attempt to eradicate the problem. She’s got a whole box of the plugs somewhere. The question is ‘where?’

My Master accidentally left his wallet at the gym yesterday. They did try ringing him, except we had forgotten to tell them that we’ve moved so they couldn’t get through. At least it isn’t far away so it all got sorted out quite easily, much to my Master’s relief. Shadow and my new tags have arrived for our collars. They have the new address details on them in case we get lost. They are really very smart. I’m just disappointed that they aren’t bone shaped like the last lot.