Saturday 6th March 2010

My Mistress stayed home with us for much of yesterday. She said she had been planning to all along as she was waiting for a delivery but it worked out well as Shadow was feeling poorly and wanted someone to hold her paw. She must have eaten something that had disagreed with her. Her stomach was making the most amazing range of gurgling sounds. I asked if I could lie with my ear on her tummy to listen but she said it was too uncomfortable. It’s funny though, at no point did it stop her wanting to play tug, so she couldn’t have been all that bad.

It turns out that Megan is not quite the perfect puppy that she was pretending to be when she was little. She has now pulled a curtain down as well as shredded lots of magazines. To be honest, I’m rather glad as I wouldn’t like to think she was a goody four paws and likely to end up being favourite. That after all is my role within the family and I don’t intend to give it up easily.

I was reading about how the earthquake in Chile was so bad that it is sent the earth slightly off its axis. Now I’m not entirely sure how these things work, but the result is that a day is now ever so slightly shorter. Only some small number of microseconds but it is shorter none the less. I wonder how many earthquakes it would take before clocks had to be adapted. If they had to remove a second from the day, where exactly would they remove it from? Which minute would you like to only have 59 seconds instead of 60? I suppose we’d only really start to feel it if we lost a number of minutes from the day, but that would take an awful lot of earthquakes and the time issue would then probably be the least of our problems!