Saturday 19th December 2009

Despite the several inches of snow, my Mistress has attempted to set off on her journey to Switzerland. I have sent her with my love for all the dogs there and a little something for them to enjoy. I’ve also been sleeping snuggled up to a blanket to be given to the puppy, so that she knows my smell and I seem familiar to her when we eventually meet. I’m not sure at the moment whether I am more concerned that my Mistress won’t get to the station for her train or that my Master won’t get back to look after me and Shadow.

My Mistress is once again saying that she would like a four-wheel drive vehicle. I think living where we do it would be sensible, but the problem we have is that no one in England wants to buy a second hand left hand drive car. To be fair they don’t want to buy a new left hand drive car, so a second hand one is out of the question. The only reason people choose to buy them is because they can get them so much cheaper than the right hand drive equivalent, which is exactly the reason that my Mistress is stuck driving it for a very long time to come.

I wonder if we should buy a set of snow chains for use in these rare occasions when we need them? The problem with England though is that you drive for a while on snow and then find yourself on clear road. Driving with snow chains would simply damage the roads and they’re already in a bad enough state of repair.