Thursday 17th December 2009

They always say that truth is stranger than fiction. This is a story that I’m sure my Mistress wouldn’t have dreamed up. In a nursing home a 98 year old woman has smothered her 100 year old room mate. Surely it would be easier to ask to change rooms. It does make you wonder what the older person had done that was so dreadful that having survived everything that the world had thrown at them for a century, including two world wars, they are then smothered by a woman of 98. It just goes to show you that you can never be certain of those around you. Mind you, I got a clear picture of that the other day when Shadow bit Brian the postman. Now Brian is one of my best friends and he brings us biscuits every single day that he is doing our round. Even when my Mistress is out, he puts the biscuits through the letter box to us. I am positively ashamed of Shadow, she jumped up to grab his sleeve, which she shouldn’t have been doing in the first place and instead of his sleeve she got his arm. I was beside myself and I might say not at all impressed with Shadow. I’ve told Shadow that she really has to learn some manners else no one will want to be nice to her. I offered Brian some Germoline but he said he was all right. I think he was a bit shaken to be honest.

Shadow has also been trying to tunnel under the fence again. When I say ‘again’ I don’t mean that she has ever succeeded, I just mean that she has tried before and we now have a rather nice row of rockery stones covering up the holes. I’m not sure whether my Mistress is going to have to buy some more stones or whether we will move in time for it not to be a problem.