Monday 30th November 2009

As November draws to a close I ask the burning questions, will it have been one of the wettest on record? And can we look forward to a white Christmas or just a wet one? I saw Santa’s sled outside the local joiners shop the other day. I’m just hoping he isn’t having too many problems with it. It would be a dreadful shame if he broke down while on his delivery rounds. It was gratifying to see that he comes here for repairs to be dealt with. There must be other joiners nearer to the North Pole, but clearly not as good.

My Mistress has reserved our Tesco’s delivery slot for Christmas week. At the moment, she has only put bananas on the order. If she forgets to update it with all the other food we need, this could be the most expensive bunch of bananas she has ever bought, what with the delivery charge as well. I’m hoping that there will at the very least be a special dog biscuit or two for me. Christmas lunch will be relatively quiet this year, just my Master and Mistress and the two of us. Despite the numbers, we all want my Mistress to cook a full Christmas dinner. It seems a little unreasonable to have to put in all that work, just for us, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy it too (at least the bits of it she can eat!)

It’s amazing to think that before we get to Christmas, my Mistress will have been to Switzerland to visit Megan. She’s just eight weeks old now. My Mistress has asked me to sleep with a special blanket that she will take as a present for Megan. She’s not actually bought it yet, but has promised to try to remember next weekend. If she has that while she’s little, we won’t seem quite so strange to her when she comes to live with us next year.