Saturday 28th November 2009

Shadow has progressed to helping herself to things off the table, while my Mistress goes out. She has now eaten James’ paying in book for his bank account. As with the shoe, he had been asked to put it away, so he does only have himself to blame and one rather chewy dog. My Mistress sat Shadow down and had some very serious words with her, but it was largely to no avail. Although it did mean we got taken out in the car while my Mistress had to go shopping, but that just opens up the risk that Shadow will simply start chewing the car. If that happened my Mistress would not be very pleased. I enjoy going in the car and at least I know my Mistress isn’t very far away, but the worst of it is that she’d been listening to a book and we only came in on the end of it. I asked if we could hear it from the beginning but apparently she’d already listened to twelve cd’s and we weren’t going to be in the car long enough.

We have at last got the photographs from our photo shoot and I must say that I’m rather pleased with the outcome. I keep asking to have another look, but my Mistress says she wants to wait until they’re framed so that I don’t get paw prints on them. I looked down at my muddy paws and realised that she might just have a point.

It seems that a man who find some Anglo-Saxon treasure using a metal detector is to share the value of the hoard with the person who’s land it was found on. I’m now seriously thinking of asking for a metal detector for Christmas with the intention of searching all the fields around here.