Monday 9th November 2009

Shadow is in a strata lower than the dog-house. Until not she has only eaten books and brochures that didn’t matter, this time she has gone too far. I’m guessing she was hungry and probably frustrated that she couldn’t cook anything for herself. She resorted to eating one of my Mistress’s cookery books. To say that my Mistress was unhappy with this turn of events would be putting it mildly. She is now looking at how the whole kitchen can be replanned in order for the cookery books to be put on a higher shelf. Unfortunately, the only options seem to be to move the glasses to a lower shelf and she isn’t thinking that’s such a bright idea either. You can just see it now, Shadow pulling all the glasses off in an attempt to reach the higher level books.

I’ve presented my Mistress with a list of presents I would like for my birthday. For a start, I’d like some replacement toys as Shadow seems to have destroyed most of the ones we did have. Of course, to be fair to her, some of it was through playing tug with me, so I suppose I had a part to play. I’m also hoping that while she’s at Discover Dogs next weekend, my Mistress will be able to find some of the really big chews so that I can have one of my own. At the moment the only one we’ve got is definitely Shadow’s in the hope that she might stop chewing books. As you can tell from the start of what I’ve written today, it isn’t really working.

I’m starting to wish I were going to Discover Dogs next weekend. I have thought of promising not to argue with any Jack Russells or Labradors but it seems I’m too much of a risk.