Friday 3rd July 2009

When my Mistress was in Belgium, she nearly had the opportunity to give a home to a cat. Of course, it wasn’t just any cat, it was our old neighbour – Tigger. His family are in the process of moving and they didn’t know if they could take him with them as well as Matilda. After the rabbit incident my Mistress didn’t think I could be trusted with another type of animal in the house, which is probably true and quite apart from that Tigger doesn’t have a passport so it wouldn’t have been possible. Now as it turns out he is going with Tigger. Given that Matilda doesn’t much like Tigger, she was probably hoping he would be going somewhere else. Instead of which she has to spend a month in quarantine with him, which will probably be enough to make or break their relationship.

I’ve been thinking about the village funday, which is in a few weeks time. My Mistress is running the coconut shy. I was wondering if they would let me loose with the candy floss machine. That would be a real novelty to be able to buy your candyfloss from a dog. People might come from miles around just for the experience. Just before you worry, I would wash my paws before handling food and I would promise not to lick any indiscreet places for the duration of the day. I suppose if they won’t let me do that, I could at least enter the fancy dress. No one would actually realise it was me and age wise, I qualify as a child. I just need to work out which of my heroes I would go as. I think Snoopy might be one of my more convincing. I certainly look more like him than I do Lassie.