Tuesday 21st April 2009

The rabbits are still causing problems even though they aren’t here. There’s the small matter of a luxury rabbit hutch, run, food and toys to be disposed of. My Mistress decided the easiest thing was to sell them on Ebay and you would think all things considered that this was one of her brighter ideas. However, you would think wrong! The first listing was apparently in breach of Ebay regulations as she described it as ‘nearly new’ in the title. It was a fair description, but sadly not allowed. By this stage she had had numerous people offering to buy it, but she couldn’t withdraw it from the auction. Then of course the auction got cancelled. Now the hutch has been relisted and despite having got as far as £51, has got a current offer of £0.99. Anyone want to buy a ‘nearly new’ rabbit hutch?

Shadow has gone off to the vet this morning. She’s having her final injections, except of course for her rabies injection that isn’t until next month. As soon as today’s take effect she will be able to come out with me into the big wide world. I can’t wait to show her off, she might be a little monkey but she’s a real sweetie with it. She’s funny the way she barks at the sheep. As if they’re going to be scared off by a bark like that. Still I remember what it was like to be young and think you were unstoppable. That illusion gets shattered soon enough without me interfering. My Mistress had a calendar once that said something like ‘the great thing about being young is you aren’t old enough to realise you can’t possible be doing the thing you are doing’ and as far as I can see. That about sums it up. It’s terribly easy to become jaded as you get older. Of course it may just be jealousy at the vitality of the young.