Saturday 11th April 2009

I think that having a puppy about might turn out to be quite fun. We developed a new version of the game of tug yesterday. We were in the kitchen, with my poor Mistress trying to do some work, when I discovered that if Shadow sat in one of the beds holding the end of the rope, I could pull her all round the kitchen. We had a great time causing mayhem.

I’m not sure if it’s the first time she’s done it, but it’s certainly the first time I’ve seen her. Yesterday Shadow chased rabbits in her sleep. It was funny watching her little legs running along while she was lying on her back going absolutely nowhere and then every so often making little woofing noises. It made me wonder whether we would actually try to chase the pet rabbits that will be arriving soon. I have, for good measure, peed on their hutch and run, just so that they know that I am at least above them in the pecking order. I think they may be the only members of the family that I am higher than, I’m certainly below Shadow. Now don’t get me wrong, that isn’t to say that’s the way my Mistress sees it. I can tell I’m still her number one dog and I know that won’t change, but I’m not into all this fighting for my place in the pack thing. I’m only prepared to do battle with Labradors and Jack Russells and with both of them it was because they started on me first. I even stepped back yesterday when Shadow wanted to get her nose into my food bowl. To be honest that one surprised my Mistress but as long as she’s there to look out for me I’m not going to go hungry.