Saturday 28th February 2009

The school had a non-uniform day yesterday. It struck me as unfair, because I get to wear the same uniform every day without any variety. Wouldn’t it be great if on some days I could go our in disguise as an Afghan Hound and on others as a German Shepherd. I could pick my outfit according to my mood and the local dogs wouldn’t realise it was me. I suppose I’d look a bit daft as a poodle, mainly on account of my size. Fancy hairdo’s don’t really look quite right on a big strapping dog.

My Mistress has gone to see Shadow today. She’s now three weeks old and I’m hoping she will be able to bring me back some photos of just Shadow, rather than her with the whole litter. I’m starting to get quite excited about her moving in, but there’s another five weeks to wait yet.

I was interested to note that a girl has been sacked for describing her job as boring on the internet. From my observation of social chat sites, this could give employers a valid excuse to get rid of about a quarter of their workforces without having to pay them redundancy. On the whole it would be mainly young people, who seem to be a little less circumspect in what they say and a little more surprised that anyone reads and takes notice of it, than are the more sensible older generation. It does make you think though. You can now see business’s employing people specifically to trawl through the internet to see if anyone is complaining of being bored. You do have to wonder how much of the rubbish that children put on the internet is going to come back and haunt them later too. It’s a bit like making public all those embarrassing childhood photos that you keep locked in a draw and which your mother is apt to show any new boyfriend or girlfriend in an attempt to put them off.