Monday 2nd February 2009

I have written my blog every day for over three years. In that time, some of you may say that I have written nothing of any great value, but I would like to think I have done my little bit to advance the cause of dogkind throughout the world. Thinking about it, there are parts of the world I may not have begun to tackle some of the basic problems and horrifically find that dogs appear on the menu for humans to eat. These are not countries I plan to visit. Perhaps the European Union should be offering asylum status to any dog from those countries who should choose to seek protection by moving here. They could perhaps be classified as ‘culinary prisoners’ instead of ‘political’ ones, unless one regards being eaten as a purely political issue. It really does go to show the importance of universal suffrage for dogs, so that we can elect a party that will immediately ban the eating of our kind. I’m not sure I’m advocating a branch of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party be started there. It would be a very brave dog that stood up and announced his candidature for government. He might be considered something of a delicacy.

Even in this country, three years of campaigning have failed to bring about significant change in the attitude to dogs. We still await even the abolition of apartheid between dog and human in many parks, beeches and buildings. Even within the home, many dogs have nothing better than a floor to lie on. I can only hope that the next three years will prove more fruitful in my campaigning. Perhaps we can even get to the point where I can stand for Parliament at the next general election.