Tuesday 13th January 2009

I’ve received news on the puppies. I’m so excited that I don’t know what to do with myself. The Mum is now in the country and is definitely pregnant. The puppies are due on around the 4th of February. That is only three weeks and a day. I know I still need to wait to make sure there is a little girl and I know I need to wait another eight weeks after that for her to come to live with us, but I’m counting down the days. My Mistress has warned me that when she’s tiny she may find me a bit big to play with and that she’ll sleep a lot. She may have a point on the size thing, but I bet she won’t sleep any more than I do. I hope she will respect my morning lie ins and not expect me to get up to play first thing.

I wonder whether she will like going out in the rain? If I think too much about it, I could start to get myself into quite a state of worry. She might want me to go out in the rain with her and then where will I be? What am I going to do if she’s better behaved than I am and gets more praise? Maybe they’ll like her more than me. I hope I still get just as much love and attention even though I’m not a cute puppy anymore.

One thing you can be sure of with the warm wet weather that we now have is that there is plenty of mud to go with it. There is a little stream of mud running down from the opposite feel and onto our drive. Then there is the mud all over the cars and the mud I’ve left all over the carpet. Oops. I suppose a small puppy will only have small paws and will therefore leave less mud. Perhaps I’d better get a brush and clean it up.