Friday 12th December 2008

I have started writing my own songs to sing round the Christmas tree. I expect the rest of the family to join in, preferably in this case by coming up with the items rather than actually singing. Here for those of you who would like to join in at home is ‘The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas’.

I’ll just sing the last verse for you, otherwise we’ll be here all day.

Hh hum

Sorry just clearing my throat.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my owners gave to me,

Twelve brand new collars

Eleven flying Frisbees

Ten doggie biscuits

Nine ropes for throwing

Eight toys for tugging

Seven balls a bouncing

Six rubber chickens

Five warm beds

Four toys for fetch

Three hide chews

Two marrow bones

And a dog treat made of turkey.

Tomorrow I think I will make a start on rewriting the Christmas carols so that they all include a dog somewhere. They can still basically be about the birth of Jesus, but I’m sure one of the wise men would have given him a puppy and the shepherds would have been lost without their sheepdogs. Where would the little town of Bethlehem have been without the odd dog howling on the hillside and frankly I’ve always though the manger looked quite comfortable for a nap. I would have been willing to share, as long as the donkey didn’t kick too much.

I wonder what the name of Good King Wenceslaus’s dog was, he must deserve a mention somewhere. He could have been the one gathering sticks for a quick game of fetch.