Friday 5th December 2008

If a sandwich is left unattended, then it stands to reason that I’m going to eat it. I am after all a dog. Had it been my Mistress’s sandwich, then she would simply have carried on eating where I left off, although to be fair she wouldn’t leave a sandwich lying around. It was my Master’s sandwich and he seems to think too much about where else my mouth has been. Sadly the rest of his sandwich went in the bin, which was a bit mean when he could have given it to me.

I have nearly finished rewriting my woodland stories, what I don’t know is who to say they are aimed at when I tell a publisher. I probably ought to say children, but in reality they seem to be enjoyed more by middle aged women as a means of escape. I’m not sure if there is a specific market of children’s stories aimed at adults. Perhaps they could start a category just for me. Given that I am thinking of putting together the Pet Dogs Democratic Party Manifesto to sell to a wider public, I could have a whole section reserved for my books, or I could find that none of them get published at all.

I was wondering on my campaign issues whether to give free bus passes to all dogs. It would give us so much more mobility if we could jump onto public transport without having to worry about carrying the right change. It is so difficult with paws, to count it out to buy a ticket. If we could simply hang a bus pass from our collar it would be much easier. Smaller dogs might find it hard to stand up high enough to show it to the driver but for us larger animals, we could simply stand up on our back paws to show or scan our pass.