Wednesday 12th November 2008

The windy weather is bad enough from the point of view of being blown about, without my Mistress having bought herself some earmuffs. I said I didn’t want to be seen out with her, but she said I didn’t have much option. Does she have no idea what it’s like to be embarrassed by the appearance of the person you’re out walking with? It isn’t even as though I can pretend I’m not with her, when I’m stuck on the other end of the lead.

Some draft plans for our new house have arrived. I’ve been studying them carefully to see whether all my demands have been taken into account. To be honest I don’t think I understand everything so I’m going to have to write out my questions and see if I can get some answers. I do want to make sure that all my needs are met. I am, at least for the time being, the sole family pet and as such I expect to be spoilt. I also need to stand up for the rights of the yet unborn puppies that will become my little harem sooner of later. It’s important that the girls have plenty of space to keep themselves looking their best. If they are even half as vain as I am, we are going to need plenty of space for grooming. I can’t see the automatic restocking bone cupboard on the plan either. I think that must be an oversight.

I’m very excited about my birthday tomorrow. I’ve already had several greetings in preparation for it. In dog years I will be twenty one so it’s a big occasion. I’m expecting a party and of course a door key. It will be nice to have my own key and not have to rely on other people.