Saturday 4th October 2008

I’m a hard done to dog. Oh yes I am. I may have said this before and I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Of course I was delighted when they said that I was coming to stay at my grandparents for the weekend, what dog wouldn’t be? I chased my tail and packed my belongings as eagerly as they did. What I didn’t expect was to find that they are not staying at my grandparents for the weekend with me. Why are they staying in a hotel that doesn’t take dogs? They could have found one that did. Oh I know they said it was because they had saved enough points to stay there, but why didn’t they save points for a dog friendly hotel?

This was all bad enough, until I found the boys are being taken to Cadbury World without me. Oh I do love my grandparents and it is great to be with them, but why didn’t I get invited to Cadbury World? My Mistress tried to explain that they only make human chocolate and not doggy chocolate drops. She also tried to make me feel better by saying she wasn’t going either as she can’t eat chocolate. It was going well until I asked her the question, “Why aren’t you spending the day doing something with me then?” She didn’t have a very good answer to that and said something about having her hair cut. Now I know for a fact that the hairdresser has said I could go with her, so now I’m sulking and feeling left out. I’m using it as an excuse to go up to my grandparents for even more cuddles than normal. Life’s not so bad, it’s working! I don’t’ know whether it will get me the place at the foot of the bed this evening though, I’m still working on that.