Saturday 13th September 2008

If all goes according to plan, my email will be working again today. My Mistress’s computer may not be, but then her problem isn’t as simple as it ‘pointing to the wrong server’, whatever that means!

I spent last night in a very agitated state, begging to be allowed to join the scouts. I was a bit upset when my Master said it wasn’t for dogs, I expect better of him that such a dogist attitude. They meet on our dog training field, surely I should be allowed to go. My Mistress tried explaining that in reality we meet on their Scout field, but it did nothing to ease the situation.

My Mistress spent her evening sketching out some notes to send to a dog paper all about my breed. I felt quite proud seeing my official name in print. I did ask why she hadn’t used Alfie Dog, but she explained that in that particular paper, people would want to know my lineage. She said it was a bit like the aristocracy using their titles. I walked a little bit taller all evening and suggested that my Master could address me as Lord Alfie, or should it be Lord Dog? Either way he declined! I had thought of suggesting that he should bow in my presence but after his reaction to the first bit, I might wait to mention that until later.

Whilst I’m here twiddling my paws, my Mistress is off at the dentist having a tooth out. I’m just glad it’s her and not me. I’m bad enough when I see the needle at the vet, without letting a man in a white coat try to pull out one of my beautiful big teeth. You wouldn’t look very scary pulling back your lips to empty gums!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind