Wednesday 30th July 2008

I am one excited little dog. I have two new half brothers and three new half sisters. They were born last Friday and apparently although it was hard work for my mum, she is doing just fine. I’m going to see them all in four weeks, which will be so amazing. I wonder if they’ll be pleased to meet their big brother. Of course, they’ve already met one of their big sisters, as she lives with them. I can’t wait to go back to Belgium to see everyone. I’m going to stay with Matilda the cat and hopefully it will be possible to see Elvis, my old best friend. I need to drop him an email to see if he’s free. I’m hoping he will be able to come for a romp through the woods with me.

It turns out that my personal sat-nav is not exactly ‘nav’ing and that for all my Mistress’s paranoia and the big brother society in which I live I am going to be free to do my own thing for at least a little longer. My Mistress has been offered a full refund but she wants a replacement. I want the refund! I thought I might spend it on a little outing somewhere, untracked by anyone. I know it’s for my own good, but do you see my Master wearing one? He seems to wander off and we don’t know where he is. To be fair it is usually a work thing and my Mistress has simply forgotten to write down what country he’s in, but he might have got lost. I suggested to my Mistress that the best thing would be to attach myself to her a little bit like gloves on a string through a coat, some sort of permanent connection that meant she was always by my side. She’d get used to running across fields chasing rabbits after a while.