Tuesday 15th July 2008

Humans are odd creatures. Why in the year 2008 does it matter that a second wedding anniversary is ‘cotton’? Has anyone thought to update the list to include ‘plasma tv’ anniversary and ‘holiday in the sun’ anniversary? The list is still firmly fixed in whatever day and age deemed it appropriate to start from paper and work up. I just can’t bear the excitement of waiting to find out what my owners will buy for their third wedding anniversary. In the meantime I am making do with the excitement of the new sewing machine and a box of threads in almost every colour imaginable. To be fair there are more colours than are usually imaginable to boys but probably not as many as girls can find names for! If this sewing machine lasts as long as the last one of that my Mistress has, she’s going to have to find a couple of future generations from somewhere to inherit it.  The burning question now is, will she use it to make anything for me? To be honest the burning question is probably will my Master use it, but I’m guessing he is planning to be more a beneficiary of its services.

I wonder why she has bought any cotton thread at all. Judging by the amount of my hair that came off the filter of the tumble dryer after my clean bed had been dried, it would have been perfectly possible for my Mistress to have spun my hair into all the thread she would need for a lifetime. It does a good enough job for me whilst it’s still attached, it would be good to see it come in useful when I’ve finished with it. Mind you, if she goes down that path, she’d probably have even more success with her own rather longer hair.