Friday 4th July 2008

I have been playing with my new gps tracking device. I have realised that I can use it to make my Mistress feel guilty. I can call up a little map on the internet that shows exactly where I have been over the last hour, day or for that matter week. I can now use it to say “Look, we haven’t been anywhere exciting this week have we? There’s no trip to the beach showing there. Can you see a walk up on the moors?” Being strictly honest, I am very much a creature of routine and habit and on the occasions she tries to take me in a different direction out of the village, I throw a tantrum until she turns round and takes me to my favourite lane.

The other feature of the device that I really like is being able to make it send text messages and emails when I leave a specified area and when I turn it off. I keep resetting the area to the minimum so that my Mistress thinks she’s got an exciting text message and then finds it’s just my gps saying we’ve gone for a walk. If I press the off button, that sends her a message too. I’d do it all day long but it takes ages to power off and I get fed up with waiting.

It was good with just the two of us, but I was very happy to see my Master home. I think it’s possible to have too much quiet, a point on which my Mistress does not agree. Besides which with two of them my chances of someone playing tug with me double. I tried seeing if the man decorating the outside of the house wanted to play, but he seemed a little surprised to find me on the ladder.