Thursday 12th June 2008

I’ve made a decision about where I stand on superstition. I have decided that it’s all right for dogs to be superstitious but for us it isn’t Friday 13th that is the worrying day, it’s Thursday 12th. From a dog’s perspective, it is today I need to avoid going out and exposing myself to risk, so I’m going to spend the day curled up under the duvet and wait for it all to go away. I might venture down for meals if that isn’t too dangerous an activity. I am absolutely not going to talk to the sheep today or go for a walk.

My Master has left us all to manage without him whilst he goes to deal with an emergency in Belgium. Admittedly I miss him and it is much harder work for my Mistress without him about but as I said to her, let’s look on the bright side, firstly I get to side on his side of the bed, which means there’s more room for her feet so we both win. Secondly, he can restock my supply of marzipan. I’ve eaten all the bars we brought back to England when we came in January. I said to my Mistress that I would behave much better in training classes if she’d bribe me with marzipan. There is the small matter of James needing more Choco Bears too but I don’t get to eat any of those so I’m not bothered either way. It is going to be interesting if Customs open my Master’s suitcase and find 20 boxes of Choco Bears. I wonder how he’d explain that one to them. I wonder if they would believe the truth or whether it would be more interesting to make up another story.