Sunday 11th May 2008

Well about time too, that’s all I can say. They keep going to the village pub without me and I have been asking when I can go and at last my Mistress has taken me. I’m not supposed to be saying anything about it as the rest of the family don’t know that that was where she was. They had all been there for a meal last night and when they came back about 8pm I was so pleased to see them and as it had cooled down outside my Mistress said she would take me for a walk. James asked to come but was quickly reminded that he was supposed to be revising. I didn’t realise what my Mistress was up to when she put her purse in the pocket of her jeans. We set off as normal and I didn’t really fancy going too far. I just can’t shed my winter coat fast enough for the weather we are having and I am so very warm wearing fur in the summer. Anyway I said if she didn’t mind could we turn round and that if it was all the same to her I’d like to go to see the ducklings and I was surprised when she immediately agreed. There are 15 ducklings altogether, each set looking very like its mother. They are really friendly and come right up when you go to say hello. Then my Mistress said we would walk back the other way. When we got to the pub, she asked if I would mind waiting a minute and the next thing I knew I was tied to a table while she went in to buy a drink. To be fair it was lovely sat out there in a still summer evening listening to the birds and relaxing together. It would have been better if she had brought a Pimms out for me as well or even a bag of crisps, but either way it was lovely having a half hour together, just the two of us.