Saturday 1st March 2008

Me and Dad having a moment

February managed to blow itself away, judging by the strong winds we had yesterday. If it wasn’t nailed down, it fell down, or blew over at any rate. The garden bench rearranged itself into a ‘legs in the air position’, and the little tree that was at an odd angle, in the land behind our house, is now at an even odder angle!

My mistress is now operating a ‘just in time’ restocking process for my food. Except is was nearly a ‘not quite in time’ system. She ordered some from the local kennels but that won’t be in until Monday, so she hoped what I had would last until then. It became clear on Thursday that there might be enough for Friday but not longer than that. I said it was ok by me, I was quite happy to eat steak on Saturday and Sunday and would, at a push, manage without my dog food. Instead of that she tasked my Master with going to the pet shop that he would be quite near and buying a sack from there. Just one small problem, my master got called to an emergency and had to fly elsewhere. “What about my food?” I asked. I really thought I was onto the steak option by this time. “Can I have it cooked ‘medium’ with some fries and maybe some sauce?” Would you believe, instead of acquiescing to my very reasonable demands, my Mistress spent an hour driving to a pet shop to buy some of my food. I said it would have been cheaper to give me steak but she said there was a principle involved. Damn principles, that’s what I say. They can get in the way of the important things in life, don’t you think? I did get a bit of her pork chop to make up for my disappointment, so I can’t complain too much.