Saturday 2nd February 2008

OK dog with two tails coming through, make way dog with two tails coming through.

As you may realise I am a happy dog. I have been reunited with my mistress and we can begin our English adventure together. I have got quite excited about the idea of living abroad for a while and am looking forward to seeing all the strange ways that you English people do things. You would think I had become immune to English customs living with my master and mistress but there are always odd behaviours that I can find to laugh at. Today’s adventure will begin with a journey north to our old house in Teesside. We need to get there in time for someone to view it, with the possibility of them buying it. When my mistress told me this, I suddenly realised the implications. When it is sold, we will have to pack up all the contents of that house as well. Then where are we going to put them? We already have more than will fit into the house we will be living in. My mistress said I can help her with some car-boot sales, but isn’t the car going to look a bit funny if she sells the boot? What are the back wheels going to attach to for a start?

My mistress celebrated her arrival in England by going to the dentist. It’s funny the things some people choose to do first. She could have taken me to Bradgate Park, she could have taken me to Beacon Hill, she could just have taken me round the block and played with me in the garden, but no, she had to go to the dentist. In her defence she has had toothache for a couple of months and I have only been waiting for her to play with me since Monday, but who wants to be fair?