Monday 3rd December 2007

Donkey is definitely my favourite character in Shrek. I think his enthusiasm for life reminds me of myself. I watched ‘Shrek de Derde’, or ‘Shrek the Third’ to the English speakers amongst you, last night. I did watch it with the English language sound rather than the Dutch, I haven’t suddenly become a bilingual dog. It would be a bit late to master the language now that I am leaving for England. It is going to be hard enough to learning to understand what people in Yorkshire are saying without trying to get the hang of Flemish now too. I’ve got as far as “’e by gum” but no one seems to be able to give me a translation into standard English yet. I hope I will pick it up as I go along, either that or simply hide behind my mistress whilst she tries to do it for me. With less than two months to go I still don’t know where we will live. I do know that for the first time it will be my master driving me to England and not my mistress. He has promised it will be a ‘real boys outing’, but I’m not really sure I know what that means either. My mistress thought it might upset me to be around when the movers pack everything up, she is worried I haven’t really understood what is happening. Well I have understood and yes, I would be upset. This is my home. My friends are here. I know where I am. I don’t really want to move. I’m sure it will be ok when I get there but I’m really not looking forward to the goodbyes I will have to say. I’m going to miss Elvis most. I wonder if he’ll write to me?