Sunday 22nd July 2007

The moles are definitely winning. Running round the garden has become quite dangerous. You never know when your front left paw is going to disappear down one hole and your back right paw down another one. I don’t think they will be happy until they have dug up the whole garden.

You may realise from the fact that I haven’t mentioned it, that I have not yet been allowed in the new car. Although my mistress says it is because I haven’t really had any cause to go in it I think it is part of a wider plot to keep my black hair off the grey seats. My master has only been in it once, but then he hasn’t got black hair, his grey ones wouldn’t show up so badly. I think my mistress should be taking me out in it just for the fun off it. From what I can see there are far more buttons that I can press in this one. If I can get my nose in just the right position I might even be able to press the button that turns the engine on and off. I’m certainly willing to try.

Today is the first Antwerp Writers Group and I am not being taken. There is really no justice. I can almost buy her excuse for not taking me to the writers’ conference she went to a few weeks ago, because I wouldn’t be allowed in the accommodation but this is just at a café in Antwerp and I would be allowed in there. I think the real reason is that she doesn’t want to be eclipsed by my presence, which of course I can understand. I can see that with me around she might have felt decidedly inferior, but I am sure I could have given her a little encouragement.